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Geometric Decor

Inspired by geometric design? On our travels we’ve seen lots of great designs none more so that our favourite hotel in Poland, the Hotel Blow Up Grazyny – Inspired by this, we’ve created a quick overview these high impact designs..

Geometric décor is not a new ‘trend’, it is steeped in history with the Ancient Greeks and Moroccans using geometric patterns in their architecture, pottery to temples, so we know this is no passing fad.

In his blog post, Oliver Burns describes the pattern as a ‘timeless trend.’. We have however, recently noticed a revival in its popularity. Lux Worldwide, for example,  described it as one of the top interior trends for 2015

"It is geometric designs which are currently taking the scene by storm"

Throughout the years, fashion houses and interior designers have used the bold, bright patterns to make a statement with modern interpretations of the traditional print – you just have to think of Mary Quant and the 60s for some of those iconic geometric images. And leading fashion bible Harpers Bazaar listed ‘Maximum Impact’ geometric prints as one of the trends to watch for AW15.

Whilst previous decades have used motifs, such as zig-zags, across the entirety of, walls, floors and furnishing, 2015 has seen a nod to the trend, with a pared back version gracing accessories and statement walls. 

IDS on trend

With our finger on the pulse, we’ve able to create personalised, painted glass, allowing on trend geometric print sliding doors, to be the focal point of any room within the house. In fact our sliding doors can help you make a stand out feature of your hallway, your office, kitchen or living room. Be bold with sliding doors from IDS!

Other IDS favourite geometric print accessories include:

  • This geometric print, monochrome rug allows a bold feature colour to be used elsewhere in the room whilst still paying homage to the trend.
  • Geometric print wallpaper is sure to make an impact. This print from Cole & Son isn’t for the fainthearted, but will certainly make a splash.
  • If money is no object, we’d recommend buying this geometric print chair. It will make the perfect focal point for any room, however we’d keep the geometric accessories to a minimum…
  • Geometric wall prints give a nod to the trend without requiring too much dedication. Keeping décor and furniture neutral will allow for prints to be swapped as each trend passes. Perfect for the interior design commitment-phobe!



The IDS Style Guide Lowdown for Geometric

To have a peek at our other geometric must haves, visit our Pinterest page



Geometric accessories

This geometric pendant ceiling lamp diffuses the light evenly across any room whist filtering the light with bold geometric shapes.


Update your crockery with these jazzy geometric tiled bowls, perfect for modern living.


Get cosy with this geometric print blanket from H and M, the monochrome colours allow a bold feature colour to be used elsewhere in the room.


Don’t want to go all out with geometric print? Why not try this adorable planter which incorporates geometric shapes and brings the outdoors in!

Planter accessory


Published 15th Aug 2015




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