When IDS embarked on a collaboration with an interior designer for their New Build property in Cheshire, a straightforward brief outlined two key features for the study:

  1. Storage for personal and business documentation, organized logically throughout the room.
  2. Lighting and furniture finishes designed to function seamlessly day or night without causing glare or dullness.

The IDS design team promptly set out to create a luxurious yet practical solution for the client’s home. The first step involved transitioning all electronics to wireless devices, instantly transforming the room into a seamless, clutter-free working environment. In collaboration with Sensio®, we optimized the office lighting to achieve the ideal room lighting level during both day and night. Gloss levels on the door paneling were adjusted to minimize glare from artificial lighting at night and to create a reflective quality during daylight, enhancing the room’s spacious feel.

The desk space was meticulously designed to accentuate the room’s square shape, providing the user with ample room to move around while maintaining easy access to essential drawers and cabinets. A contemporary splash of orange was chosen to complement the comforting dark wood grains and muted tones. The end result is stunning in every aspect, offering the client abundant and versatile space for the years ahead. The client, who is an interior designer, expressed, “I now have an Uber Study, which is quickly becoming one of the most utilized rooms in my home.”







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